Thursday, August 10, 2017

Significant Roadway Work On-Going.

Work Performed, August 1st to August 11th
Roadway Improvement, pavement removal and paving new asphalt surface
·         Rolling Pass
·         Lindenwood Lane
·         Crestwood Lane, surface patching only
·         Kittyhawk Lane, surface patching only
·         Concord Lane
·         Avalon Court
·         Cambria Court
·         Pfingsten Road
·         Rugen Road
·         Springdale Avenue
·         Bette Lane
·         Sheryl Lane
·         Countryside Lane, surface patching only
·         Glenview Road, surface patching only
·         Pinehurst Street, surface patching only
·         Downtown Metra Commuter Lot along Depot Street, surface patching only

Roadway Improvements, pavement removal:
·         Oxford Lane
·         Somerset Drive
·         Beech Drive
·         Ferndale Road

Concrete curb & gutter replacement:
·         Kendale Drive
·         Bonnie Glen Lane
·         Beech Drive

Storm Sewer Improvements:
·         Castle Drive / Knollwood Drive
·         Bonnie Glen Lane
·         Kendale Drive
·         Rugen Road, structure adjustments
·         Oxford Lane, structure adjustments only
·         Somerset Drive, structure adjustments only
·         Underground utility / storm sewer improvements anticipated to be completed by end of the week.

Work Anticipated to be Performed, August 14th to August 18th  

Roadway Improvements, paving new asphalt surface:
·         Oxford Lane
·         Somerset Drive
·         Beech Drive
·         Ferndale Road
·         All areas with asphalt surface previously removed scheduled to be paved by Tuesday, August 15th.

Roadway Improvements, pavement removal and new asphalt pavement
·         The Glen Metra Parking Lot, surface patches only

There has been significant activity over the past two weeks on many of the streets within the roadway improvement project. We are anticipating a majority of the work will be completed by the end of next week. 

Once the paving work is completed, landscape restoration and overall site clean-up will be performed.

Thanks again for all your patience during the construction operations and hopefully you are enjoying your new street!!!