Friday, May 19, 2017

Minor Asphalt Repairs to Begin.

Work Anticipated to begin next week:
The contractor for the project, JA Johnson, will begin making minor asphalt repairs at various locations throughout the Village.  In most cases, these repairs are small with limited or no impact on traffic or driveways.  Should there be a potential impact on your driveway or access to the roadway, a separate notification will be delivered by the Village of Glenview. The contractor will remove approximately 2-inches of the asphalt pavement and replace it with new asphalt within just a few days.
If there are areas to be repaired along your street, you likely have seen pink lines painted within the last few days. The contractor will begin at the easterly limits of the Village and work west to approximately Shermer.

Work to begin following the Memorial Day Weekend:
The underground contractor, DeVinci Underground Contractors, will begin making the necessary underground utility improvements to the storm sewer and sanitary sewer along the following roadways:
·         Rolling Pass – Glenview Road to Northern Cul-de-Sac
·         Keenan Lane – Pfingsten Road to East End
·         Halina Drive – Keenan Lane to North End

As construction continues, the Village of Glenview will provide additional notifications regarding access to driveways and work on-going with the roadways.